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The system makes live webcam access easy and universal for your guests. A platform-independent viewer allows mobile and desktop users alike to access a live feed of their pet's lodging or activity area, and each webcam can be individually customized.


The system is universally supported across iOS, Android, and PC platforms. Your customers do not need to download an app or install any type of plugin or software. Any device - any web browser - can view live feeds immediately!

Most other camera systems require viewers to either install a questionable plugin or a dedicated app for camera viewing, which could introduce viruses or unnecessary work for customers. Some systems are only compatible with specific browsers or platforms. Our solution is different! It's the only solution that is platform independent and can be accessed by all your customers immediately!


Lowest bandwidth requirement

Most camera feeds are a huge drain on your internet connection, because the video feed is being streamed directly to your viewers. For every new viewer, the same camera stream must be sent in duplicate, and if you get enough viewers your office's internet connection could slow to a screeching halt.

Our proprietary CamServer is a small device that you install in your office. The CamServer handles everything, and is plug-and-play EASY to install. It drastically reduces bandwidth usage, and allows an unlimited number of simultaneous viewers for each camera feed with NO additional bandwidth drain!

The CamServer device is free with your subscription, and is extremely easy to install! Just plug in the power and Ethernet cables, and the device will automatically configure itself for your network. You're ready to start streaming!


PetCodes are codes which you provide to your guests, granting them access to the webcam where their pet can be monitored. PetCodes can be unique per guest, or you can reuse PetCodes repeatedly.

You can include custom QR codes either on the guest's invoice, or on a custom-printed Webcam Access Sheet. Guests can simply scan the QR code to view their pet's webcam anytime.

Custom handout cards are available, branded with your business logo and contact information, containing unique or shared PetCodes and QR codes, which can be easily connected to webcams and provided to guests at check-in.

Once a stay is over, the guest's PetCode can be disabled to prevent unauthorized access.

The Hardware

The CamServer

The CamServer is a small hardware device that connects to your local network and interfaces with your webcams and our servers. This device is tiny and can fit in the palm of your hand. It can be connected to either your wired or wireless network, and can be installed anywhere network connectivity and power are available. Activation is very easy: just connect the CamServer to power and network, and either scan the QR code on the sticker, or log into your account and enter the Device Code.

Once activated, you can manage all cameras from your account, as well as generate PetCodes as needed.

Your first CamServer is free with your activated subscription, and is compatible with most broadband internet services.

Minimum Requirements

Since the CamServer contacts our servers and transmits images for your guests to view, it will use your internet connection's data. The CamServer is designed to minimize network data usage, but is not intended for use on metered connections and may incur additional data charges.


Use your existing webcams

Any webcam which connects to your network and provides a JPEG snapshot URL works great with our system. Some camera manufacturers provide details in the user manual for building a JPEG snapshot URL. If your camera doesn't specifically tell you, it's often possible to find the snapshot URL by searching Google for your camera's brand and the term "snapshot URL" or "JPG image URL". Contact us if you have any questions.

Supported webcams

We have tested various webcams and can provide you with pricing and ordering information for cameras that work great with our system. Contact us for more information.

Plans & Pricing


  • One free CamServer device
  • Up to five camera feeds
  • Unlimited PetCodes
  • Unlimited viewers/views
  • Free marketing materials


One-time setup fee: $199


  • One free CamServer device
  • Unlimited cameras
  • Unlimited PetCodes
  • Unlimited viewers/views
  • Monthly supply of pre-printed PetCode labels (90/mo)
  • Monthly supply of pre-printed PetCode cards (50/mo)
  • Monthly supply of blank PetCode cards (25/mo)


One-time setup fee: $199


Pre-printed PetCode labels

Simply peel, stick, and activate these pre-printed PetCode labels. Place one on your customer's invoice or the back of your business card to grant the customer direct access to her pet camera. The customer can either enter the PetCode on or scan the QR code to go directly to the pet camera viewer.

PetCode Cards

PetCode Cards are beautiful, full-color cards which include your business logo and contact information.
Pre-printed cards include pre-printed PetCodes which you can hand out to your customers to grant direct access to their pet's camera view.
Blank cards include a blank area for writing a PetCode and are handy when you generate your own PetCodes in the Provider Dashboard.

Barcode Reader

Quickly scan pre-printed PetCode QR codes with this cordless Bluetooth barcode scanner.
Includes USB Bluetooth adapter and charging cable. Works with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Marketing Materials

We provide free marketing materials with every new account. You can download the digital marketing materials here:

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